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    Hi, I am an eight year breast cancer survivor thus not new to the cancer world but I find myself in unfamiliar ground. I have a mole that has noticeably changed between my lip and chin. In the past week it’s grown, changed color, bled and I noticed there is a small pea sized lump underneath it. I am going to call my dermatologist in the morning because it obviously needs to be biopsied.

    I have two questions, has anyone had moles with these characteristics that were b9? Also, if the mole is malignant how many mm’s/ inches are excised after clean margins are found? Any info would be great, I know I am getting ahead of myself but I am nervous. TIA

    Lisa P

    Hi, I’m glad you found us and am glad you’re going to get checked. I was diagnosed with melanoma two years ago and have had a total of three in all. None of mine fit the description you’re talking about. In the very worst case and it is some type of cancer, first and foremost, you should seek a skin cancer specialist to provide advice. Second, you should discuss with them the pros and cons of having a plastic surgeon do the work. There are a lot of people who have had basal cell, squamous cell, and melanomas removed on their faces and you’d never know for a minute anything was done. Please keep us posted on what you find out and insist on getting in immediately. The emotional toll of waiting is not worth it. Take care and sending good thoughts your way, lisa


    Lisa is right – glad you found this site and getting it checked is the best first step. I would assume your derm will do a biopsy on this mole and find out if the lab is a dermatopathology lab. As you are already a cancer survivor, you somewhat know the drill that the waiting is always the hardest part. Hopefully it is nothing serious. I will be sending good thoughts your way.

    I have had three melanoma in-situs (all on my arms) with WLE’s completed. One was by a plastic surgeon due to the size and location; the other two were done by my derm. Anthing to do with your face, I would seriously recommend a plastic surgeon.

    Hang in there and we are hear for you! Keep us informed as to how you make out.

    Here’s wishing and hoping its nothing!


    Not to discount your worries, but I doubt its another melanoma. Have you been touching it? Maybe a zit developed under the mole? Seems like really fast change for a melanoma. Sometimes after we are first diagnosed we become hyper-vigilant. When I have something that changes as rapidly as you described, I put a bandaid on it and give it two weeks. However, since you are newly dx you are probably more anxious – so getting it looked at asap is probably best. Don’t even go there about the margins…no sense PRE-worrying over something that could be nothing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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