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    Hi everyone! I am SO sorry to be to MIA for so long! These kids have me BUSY which also means I have had zero time to worry about my health :) I have seen a derm every 6 months, had a few even taken off but they were normal moles and one was a seb something or other :) I removed most of the things that were new from the twin pregnancy. I hit the 4 yr mark in Dec (from my first diagnosis), second one was 3 months later, so I am 4 yrs out now and feeling better about it than I did the first few years that is for sure…although I still get nervous a bit here in SoCAL when it becomes summer, the sun is SOO hot!!

    So now my daughter is 3.5 yrs old, Alex…and the boys are 5.5 months old already! It seems impossible!

    I hope you are all well. I am trying to read up on everyone now on the forum but if you have a min send me a note and let me know how you are!

    Hugs to you all!


    Catherine Poole

    So good to hear from you! Yes, these children grow way too quickly. My grandson will be 2 in May! I’m happy to hear all is well with you and hope you are able to find some time for yourself. Thanks for checking in.



    So good to hear from you. I can only imagine how busy you are. I can’t believe it’s been that long since your first. I remember when we both had the awful leg pain at the same time. I still have mine unfortunately on and off but it has been almost constant since December. I think mine is from permanent nerve damage from CLND and my flap reconstruction to groin. I am on Neurontin now and seems to be helping. I am stage 4 now but had good response from Yervoy but things are starting to act up again and I will repeat Yervoy at some point. I am happy no more Melanomas for you. Love those little ones. We have 7 grandchildren and # 8 on the way! Most of my wonderful family and some friends are going to Safe from the Sun on Sunday and I am looking so forward to going. A certain Hamptom Inn will be full of Deckers this w/e! Keep us updated.

    Mary Sue


    It’s so nice to hear your story. Sometimes I am a bit dishearted by the mm stories I readon the net. I’m still so afraid of all this. I feel a bit better when I read how people go on with their livesand even have children!! You gave me a good dose of optimism. d



    Glad to be of help in any way I can. It will get better. I do not know your details but time will help. Stay strong :)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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