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    Catherine Poole

    Jeff started this under Susan From SPokane but I am wondering too..hope to hear from you


    So we got great news today at our house from PET scan after five weeks of handling side effects of Zelboraf. In mid August, my husband had multiple tumors in lungs and on spine: today – ALL GONE!!!!! In mid-August he had multiple lymph nodes lit up on the PET Scan: today two remain slightly “lit up” and oncologist thinks they will be gone soon. We are over the moon.

    It has been a tough time for him though. My husband developed a very severe rash from his neck to the soles of his feet and palms of his hand, fever, chills, joint pain. He was absolutely miserable and steroid creams did not seem to be helping at all. After 11 days, they took him off it for 11 days while we applied “wet dressings” with steroid cream all over his body twice a day. He went back on a lower dosage two weeks ago. Had one week without too many side effects but this past week, he has been running fever of 100 -102, diahrea and joint pain that comes and goes. After today’s news, the side effects seem worth it and we are going to try to analyze how many hours after taking Zelboraf that he starts running the temp.

    Never made it to Glacier as Wet Dressings and Travel don’t seem to be a good mix. But we are done with them and if we can get a better handle on the fever schedule will try to resume a more active life. We are very happy in this house tonight!

    Catherine Poole

    That is wonderful news. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get to go on an adventure soon together.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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