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    Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I went in to Emory for my regular 3 month checkup (1 year today since diagnosis and 4 surgeries later….Still NED :D

    My doctor did a chest x-ray instead of a scan…

    Is this normal?

    Happy I don’t have to go through the side effects of the CT and PET but wondering if its as accurate in seeing something out if the ordinary.

    Still struggling, even worse now, with the lymphedema :(

    Hope all is well with everyone!!


    Catherine Poole

    Did you ask the doctor why? As long as you’ve had a baseline CAT scan, you probably don’t need any more unless you have symptoms of progression. A chest xray just isn’t that useful for melanoma diagnosis and is not recommended anymore. Sorry to hear about the lymphedema, I know Shirley is the expert in that dept., so you might post and ask her some of the solutions to this ongoing issue.


    Hi Gayla!

    Sorry your lymphedema is still so bad. I’m still struggling with it, but have gotten to a manageable place with it. Just thought I would mention the two most critical things that have helped me keep my lymphedema manageable.

    First, the elvarex compression garments were key. The other ones didn’t help and only made my swelling worse because the would bind up behind my knees. But without the elvarex I could not function.

    Second, against the advice of my therapist, I began running (while wearing the elvarex garment). I get more help from 20-30 minutes of running than I do from two hours of self massage. It is incredible how much fluid is moved from it. I definitely had to start very slowly to not cause extreme fatigue to my legs and make the swelling worse, but from the first time I tried it I could see the difference.

    I hope you can work through it and it eventually improves.



    Has anyone here heard of hidrosmin or diosmin for treating lymphedema? I see conflicting reports on line for them so I was wondering if any of you had any first hand experience with either drug or have discussed it with a medical professional who’s knowledgable about lymphedema.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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