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    Hi Catherine , hi everybody,

    it has been a while since I wrote last time. I am more or less ok although the pain of loosing my sister will never go away.

    Now I would like to ask you – for a Romanian patient, Braf negative, with choroidal melanoma and bone metastases –

    1) are there any other options besides yervoy?

    2) anybody with uveal melanoma considered or heard about Selumetinib? – is a mek inhibitor used in trials for this kind of mel


    Any experience?

    Thanks a lot,


    Hi Violeta,

    My father had uveal melanoma with metastases to first bone and finally liver, but since he passed away over a year ago, my research is dated. Just in case it helps, however, here is my experience.

    We considered joining the selumetinib trial, which eventually produced the results you linked to, but opted instead for the antiPD-1 trial (Merck) after two rounds of ipi. The antiPD-1 did not work for him, but that does not necessarily mean it will not work for a different ocular melanoma patient. http://www.iovs.org/content/49/6/2518.full That is perhaps one “easy” option to try, although I don’t know how available it is in Romania.

    Selumetinib did prove to have some effect on OM; it is an old MEK inhibitor, and I heard some speculation that one of the newer generation MEK inhibitors might work even better. I don’t know whether any trials are underway for that.

    I was also following a Phase I trial of a Genentech drug DEDN6526A that showed promise for OM:


    Best of luck; sorry my info is old.


    Thanks Tamils! Yervoy is available in Romania , but Keytruda not yet, but he can eventually go after yervoy for a EAP in Europe. This is the plan he agrees as well , but I was looking for some confirmation… Although imunoteraphy is not doing a lot for ocular melanoma might be better than nothing. Best wishes,

    Catherine Poole

    A good source I believe is this website and its list of global experts for choroidal melanoma: http://www.eyecancer.com

    It is true the Genentech therapy was working well for some patients but they discontinued.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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