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    But you still need to have the WLE done. Having the shave biopsy isn’t enough, and considering the depth is .8mm you may need a SNLB. Stay vigilant & see your derm regularly & be sun-safe.


    I think the depth was 0.2mm if I’m reading it right. 0.8mm was the deep margin.


    Hi Brussels,

    That’s great that the depth is only 0.2mm. :)

    Standard follow-up for this is wider local excision (WLE) with a 1 cm margin around the original biopsy. Of course it is up to you whether you have this done, but most people choose to do it because it’s a fairly easy way to have extra insurance against recurrence.

    Do you still have your appointment with the surgeon or dermatologist on March 10? You should see what they recommend and why, and then decide on what to do.

    Take care,



    hi brussels,

    your melanoma is similar to my 0.25 mm three years ago.

    i would query the Margins – lateral – present on your report. im not really sure what they mean by this and id want to check that margin is definitely clear, especially if you decide on no further treatment.

    even if both your deep and lateral are clear i would still have the WLE done. its great youre so positive but please give this some more thought. WLE are recommended for melanoma for a reason after all.

    after the WLE, you shouldnt have to deal with this again as all your factors are very low risk.

    just be really careful about your sun exposure and keep a close eye on your skin. i had some good photos of my other moles done and compare them to my skin every four months.

    kind regards



    Wait a minute, are you saying that because your melanoma was only 0.2 you are dismissing it, and not getting a WLE? I would not recommend that. Did you get multiple opinions on your pathology? – Because melanoma pathology can vary based on who is reading it…another reason to get WLE. Do not dismiss this diagnosis. Sometimes the cancer can send rogue cells outside of the biopsy margins…that is why ALL Dr’s do a wide excision. Yes, your lesion is very low risk, but why would you chance leaving it on your skin…it only takes 1 stray cell to kill? Most doctors do wide excisions on moles that are severely atypical – and yours is 2 steps up from that.


    I agree; but, I always find it conflicting that we say something is both “low risk” and then also say “it only takes 1 stray cell to kill”. . .


    I see my surgeon again tomorrow morning. I noticed that were my shave biopsy was performed, there is pigment showing up again. I want a second opinion on the path report, but I don’t know who to ask to do it. The depth seems so minimal that now I am curious as to whether or not they went deep enough in the shave biopsy. This is such a frustrating process. The surgeon seemed like it was no big deal. Just do this, this, this… have a great day. I walked out with no answers and felt like if it’s not a big deal then why do this, this, and this…

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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