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    Hi, my name is Terri. I am not in active therapy right now, since I have been in so many trials, and treatments:

    interferon, biochemotherapy (twice), Til, and Yervoy. My Doctor is doing the “wait and see” approach…next scan in August…but that isn’t my problem. My problem is constant pain. My oncologist and rheumatologist says it is fibro. I wonder if it isn’t from damage from all the IL-2 and chemo. It is pain like electricity under my skin. My fingers swell. I get grumpy. I am on Norpramin, Ultram, Tylenol, and a bunch of vitamins and herbals. Has anyone had anything like this? has anything worked? It is really messing me up. I do have active melanoma tumors in my thigh and my abdomen. thanks.

    Catherine Poole

    Terri, I think you need another opinion. If you have active tumors, then treatment is imperative. You may have some permanent damage from biochemo, etc. to nerves. But an expert at a university based (NCI approved) center should weigh in. We can help you find someone if needbe. No one should be in pain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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