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    I felt like my body betrayed me at first too, so I took charge. I started eating better, working out more and taking vitamins. I will never visit a tanning salon again, although I do still go in the sun. It’s kind of hard to avoid the sun when you run ultra-marathons. I buy fresh and locally grown produce and love making veggie smoothies. I’m in best shape of my life and feel stronger than ever.


    Worrywart, sorry, I should know this – what was your diagnosis. in situ? What did you do for treatment/follow up?


    Mine was in situ. Had slides read twice, both confirmed in situ. Had approx .8 margins because it was lentigo maligna subtype. I only see derm once a year now. My Grandpa had two stage 1 melanomas 10 years apart. He died a few months ago from another cancer.


    Okay,so you wont believe this but I just spoke to the mohls surgeon. She said after reviewing my pathology report today she does not think mohls is needed. She said it was probably recommended because it was lentigo maligna subtype but becuase its on my arm she wants to do a WLE at .75 mm and then send it out to make sure all atypical cells are gone.

    She said it will make no difference in my case as she feels she can do it without much of a scar anyway.

    She said it will be quicker and easier for me and then I can be on my way. Othwreise I woudl have to return on another day (?) after they review the slides in between excisions.


    Being that it’s on your arm and not your face, the WLE will probably be the better treatment. Kinda makes you wonder when they change their mind like that. Looks like the doctor got a 2nd opinion. Who knows ?


    I would be much more comforable with that. Get the WLE, get a second opinion on slides to confirm in situ, and then move foreward. Watch your skin for change and the scar area for pigment regrowth.

    Catherine Poole

    The doctor probably read this incredibly great string of replies and information here and realized the mistake. MOHS is being pushed on a lot of melanoma patients these days and I’m not certain why as our scientific board absolutely is against it for melanoma. Perhaps there is a larger profit margin on that procedure? I hate to think that way, but there is a lot that goes on in the field of medicine that isn’t what I’d call patient centered. Seems like a happy ending here.

    Just wanted to mention that Mindful Meditation really helps with too much worry and anxiety, this has been scientifically proven at Harvard by Jon Kabat-Zinn. His books and CDs are very good and sometimes you can find local courses in it. But when we worry we focus too much on the future or the past, neither of which we can control, so worrying is a total waste of time (sorry worrywart!) but focusing on the present moment is what is important, enjoying our loved ones, eating that meal, swimming, exercising , being in the moment can cure the anxiety of this life threat you’ve had. Give it a try!


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Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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