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    On my last revisit the doc found another mole that looked kinda odd.. anyway he said he would book an appointment to get it removed by freezing it.

    Reading online it seems like its not recommended on un-diagnosed melanoma.

    I’m thinking of going to another hospital getting tired of seeing a different doctor every time.

    This doctor was reading up on my “case” while i was there.. pointing at my scars asking when i got them.. although this one at least thought removing my moles that looked odd was a good idea last doctor did not.

    And yes its a state owned hospital here in Sweden, to big to care.


    That does not sound right (to do cryosurgery on possible melanoma). I just had cryosurgery about a week ago, but that was for actinic keratosis (which could turn into squamous cell carcinoma). But, that was only after a biopsy/pathology, so we knew what we were dealing with. Without that, if they went straight to cryosurgery, how would they have ever known what it was? I have not heard of doing cryosurgery for melanoma, how would they know if they got margins, how would they do pathology on it, etc…?

    Catherine Poole

    Cohanja is correct, you don’t burn off potential melanomas, always have an excisional or deep shave biopsy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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