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    after regular exam Dermatologist took biopsy of mole, then dropped me as patient.(insurance). next Dermatologist read biopsy and excised small melanoma mole in his office.

    Came back 3 months later for follow up and he detected another mole inches away from 1st mole. biopsied and found melanotic but deeper and so it requires a surgeon.

    Here is where it get complicated; Dermatologist described surgery along with sentinel node biopsy , as no big deal and referred me to surgeon and oncologist. I visited Oncologist first who recommended a different surgeon and sentinel node biopsy.

    I saw one of referenced surgeons who said zero, nada , zilch about sentinel node biopsy. I brought it up as something Dermatologist and Oncologist both prescribed. Surgeon said he would think about it.

    Also I should note that the surgeon could not readily find the mole. its In the middle of my back and cm’s away from the excised mole, with slight scar, I was kind of puzzled. he kept asking me where it was, and I pointed out that I can’t see the middle of my back.

    I contacted Dermatologist and he rattled off why the sentinel node biopsy had lots of complications. not mentioned originally.

    So you can see my concern. I had no reason to believe no on wants anything other than the best outcome but now I am in situation of having to concern myself if they are working not in my interest but say the insurance company’s best interest.

    the other question I have is this: the Dermatologist does not know the surgeon , who is a plastic surgeon. is it possible that this plastic surgeon , referred by the Dermatologist for melanotic mole removal, doesn’t actually know anything about that?

    thoughts anyone!

    (it is not the main point of my post but how can an mole gestate into a melanomic mole needing deep surgery between the time a 1st mole excised in doctor’s office to follow up exam, or 3 months?)

    Catherine Poole

    Hello, sounds like you’ve encountered many issues. To start with please provide some details from your pathology report. How deep was the mole, (Breslow) was it over .76? Was there a mitotic value? The sentinel node biopsy is explained here: http://melanomainternational.org/melanoma-facts/sentinel-node-biopsy/#.XbBA55JKiM8. We can help further with some facts.


    what I can say is that is was too deep for dermatologist to excise.

    I met with surgeon late last Friday and discussed issue of sentinel biopsy discrepancy with dermatologist on Monday. Dermatologist said he had contacted surgeon about sentinel biopsy but I have not heard from surgeon as of 5PM today.

    The oncologist referred me to a different surgeon, but i am trying not to step on toes.

    Should the surgeon be in contact by now, 5 days since i saw him and 2 full days since the issue of sentinal biopsy was raised with him?

    can i afford to wait while surgeon come to some conclusion or plan?

    Catherine Poole

    Step on toes? You have hired these doctors to work for you. They need to be forthcoming with information and a plan in good time. I would call and ask for a copy of the pathology as well. That will determine many things. Share it here and we will help you understand it.


    thanks all. Dr’s have gotten responsive.

    can I give a sales pitch, probably preaching to the choir, but…..

    I got a dermatological exam outside of Obamacare , by a familiar doctor not on my plan. i didn’t expect cancer so i figured $100, what the heck, i know the guy.

    well i got the diagnosis and went over to my plan where i have had absolutely no problems , apart from docs and their peccadillos. with melamoma there are no symptons, i can’t even see the mole. so it would be easy to overlook or avoid treatment. instead i have insurance thanks to Obamacare.

    my brother’s throat cancer was diagnosed and treated thru Obamacare last year.

    the 5th Circuit could repeal the ACA any day now.

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