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    Hello all. I am new here. I was diagnosed December 10, 2013. Stage 2. 2.55 mm. I’m not sure of the Clark’s level or miotic rate as I haven’t seen a copy of the pathology report. I don’t think it was ulcerated. It was a mole that I’ve had forever on my back. Within the last few months it became raised up and really black so I went to the dermatologist to have it removed. He did the biopsy and removed the whole lesion. The dermatologist said that we caught it at a good time. He referred me to a surgeon. I had a WLE with a skin graft and a sentinel node biopsy. 3 lymph nodes were removed and they were all negative, and all margins were clear on the WLE. I am so thankful for all of that but I am still so worried about a recurrence. I would love to hear from other stage 2 people who are ok and still living and living life. Can people really live 30 years after this?? That is my goal. I have 2 little boys that I want to finish raising!! Please any success stories out there??

    Oh and my surgeon is going to refer me to an oncologist to get scans just for precaution.

    Catherine Poole

    It would be good to know the mitotic rate and where the lesion was. But it is great that your SLNB is negative and I’m sure you will see some very positive stories here. Mine was .76 with mitotic rate of greater than one and I did not have the SLNB (not invented yet) and I am here 25 years this year later! There are no guarantees, but pay close attention to your body and do get followed at a clinic of melanoma excellence. Hope all continues to go well for you.


    Hi, there.

    So sorry you are going through this, especially with young children. I was diagnosed in July, had a WLE and SNB the middle of August. 1 node was positive so a full node dissection at the end of August so am currently 3a. I think it is a good idea to have the scans, but if all is well as it most likely will be, I think you can do as my GP said to me – turn the page and move on. Yes, it will be in the back of your mind, but I can say being 4 months in, that I don’t worry about tomorrow. I have a lot to remind me of what’s happened (wearing a compression stocking, wooden-feeling leg, etc) and will have frequent appointments and scans the next few years, but I plan to be around to see my 3 kiddos grow up. It really does get easier the further away from the original diagnosis you go. And if read other posts, even in the stage 3 forum, you see people who have been on for many years. Wishing you the best.



    Hi, I’m new here too. I had a stage 2a removed from my back this past summer but since mine was only 1.66 mm I didn’t have a skin graft.

    I ended up with an extremely numb back. But I try to find the humor in it. The funniest thing is that I now can feel an itch, but when someone tries to scratch it for me, I can’t feel it correctly so I can’t say “a little to the left”. They have to keep trying to find the right spot by trial and error. But when they do find it scratch, the itch goes away. To me this ends up being a hysterical endeavor.

    How’s your back feeling? Also what type of scan are you referring to? I had a PET scan before my surgey but nothing after. I was told the oncologist was unnecessary since my nodes and margins were clear. Did they give you a reason why they want you to see one? Guessing maybe your greater depths.


    The surgeon I was referred to was the one who did the WlE and sentinel node biopsy. On Jan 24 I will finally be released from him and he is referring me to an oncologist for baseline PET/ CT scans. I think they are doing that because of the depth. Even though it was 2.55mm my dermatologist still said we caught it at a good time.

    My back is doing good, the tissue is still trying to fill up the hole left by the WLE. It looks gross but I don’t care as long as the cancer is gone! The skin graft took 100% and they say it has healed really well. When my husband changes the bandage I can’t feel a thing!! It’s like a dead spot! LOL


    A plastic surgeon who specializes in melanoma surgery did my operation. I laughed when he started talking about how it would be a long scar but that he would make it look as nice as possible. I said the same thing about not caring what it looked like if it meant the cancer would be gone. My stitches never did completely dissolve. They just kept pushing back out through the scar like a growing hair. Dermatologist cut them back in Aug but they finally fell out completely in Oct.

    Do you have to deal with that same type with a skin graft or do they use that cool glue?


    Stage 2B, nodular melanoma was 4.5, had all of the same work done that you had. SLNB was negative. 1 year into this and so far, so good. Doc says if I can go 2 years without recurrence, then the survival rate goes up.

    Had skin grafts, the scar is still healing one year later. Amazing how much smaller the scar is than a year ago (the hole was 5 cm in diameter).

    Easier to deal with now than 6 months ago and hopefully 6 months from now it will be even easier. Good luck. Get as much sleep as you can, eat well, try to avoid stress as much as possible.


    I had a Stage 2a melanoma diagnosis in late December of 2012 after a biopsy from a 3.2mm, nodular and amelanotic lesion. I had a WLE and SLNB in late January 2013. All lymph nodes (the surgeon took 3) came back negative for melanoma and the pathology indicated that there was no residual melanoma in the WLE tissue. I had a skin graft in late February to repair the WLE. All scans, x-rays and blood work have come back good so far so as of now all seems to be okay. I too worry on a daily basis about melanoma coming back “to get me” but the worry does get better; it’s not so every minute thought consuming now. Yes there are still days that melanoma is all I think about and then I’m angry that I wasted a day of good health worried about it.

    Know that the worry does diminish with time and at least for me even if my melanoma does return I choose to believe that with the new treatment options now available I’ll still be okay. This thinking seems to help me cope better and move forward.

    I try to take one day at a time and not forget to actually enjoy something from each day.

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