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    Hello everyone,

    I am an Italian guy who just turned 32.

    I’ve always been a “moley” person. I’ve been spending all the summers of my childhood on the seaside and in the 80’s there was not much awareness about skin cancers or sunscreen creams and stuff like that…so i suppose i have been quite exposed.

    Many of my moles are funny looking but lately i spotted something suspicious on my back. A small spot, probably 3 or 4 mm, oval shaped but with a weird pattern: dotted with 2 darkest dots at the edge but in within the oval itself.

    I finally decided to go to my GP who didn’t look at that mole but referred me to a dermatologist as soon as he saw the number of moles i have. He said as i was so moley a dermatologist would have performed a better check up. One week later i was at the hospital and a derm had a look at my moles. She said that in her opinion that mole wasn’t suspicious enough for a quick removal but it was better to take it out and get it tested for peace of mind. She said i could wait even 6 weeks for the surgery and she gave me an appointment for the 30th of July ( 6 weeks later after the first consultation). I felt quite reassured but days later, as i still was scared, i decided to go private and let someone else have to have a look at it. This second specialist understood that i was there for a second opinion and asked me :”are you here to know if you can wait 6 weeks? I think there are 50% chances that that mole turns out to be a melanoma”. These word freaked me out and decided to take it out next Tuesday.

    I have few question for you guys:

    1) Have you faced a situation similar to mine where 2 doctors have different clinical opinions?

    ( i mean i trusted the one that freaked me out but the derm at the hospital told me things like ” we do this everyday”, ” i see hundreds of moles” and the most important one ” you are not a dermatologist, let us do our job” …after that i shut up LOL)

    2) From your experience is there any connection in between the size on the skin with the probability of the melanoma to be low deep or highly deep? or is there no connection at all?

    As anyone who has to deal to the waiting i am picturing the good scenarios as well as the worst ones. and here comes the 3rd question:

    3) Would a stage 4 already be understandable by the look of the mole? I mean a huge mole, visibly ulcerated would be more likely to turn up quite deep when on the other hand a small one with no visible irritation and quite flat is more likely to be a smaller depth?

    Thank you to anyone who can provide any clue on the questions above.



    Alot of this questions is something your doctor should be able to answer.

    my melanoma was pretty small but pretty deep. but there is also ppl having pretty big moles thats not that deep.

    You need to relax and wait till the results of the biopsy is in. Everything the doctors can do before that stage is guess.

    looking at the statistics the worry is worse then the diagnosis of melanoma if found early..

    If it’s melanoma you got a big big chance that the only problem will be a scar.

    i’ve had 2 dermatologists looking at what would turn out to be melanoma they had no idea what it was, just removed it cos it was painful for me to walk on.

    Well i wich i know how to relax waiting for a biopsy.. but its almost impossible..


    Hi Antoit,I had a melanoma removed from my foot last year. The melanoma actually looked like a Blood blister, nothing like any pictures of suspicious moles that are shown for us to watch for.

    Catherine Poole

    These are great questions and welcome to our forum. Unfortunately, only a biopsy and pathology report can tell us exactly the nature of a potential melanoma. Sometimes we are fooled by the seemingly small looking lesion and other times it can be obvious of its risky nature. Let us know what the pathology report says and we will be here to help you. Take some time to read our website too and how to do a self-exam. Folks with many moles should do this and have whole body photography to keep track of things..


    Thanks for your answers,

    I didnt notice there were new replies to my post so in a new post ( with another question) i reported that that lesion turned out to be a BCC.


    Lisa P

    Thanks for reporting in. While BCC isn’t the best news in the whole world, it’s pretty darn good as opposed to melanoma! It’s great that you’re now more aware and will be able to get regular checks to ensure you stay healthy and happy. All the best! Lisa P

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