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    Does anyone know if having had IPI excludes you from Anti PD1 or Anti PD-l trials?


    Catherine Poole

    Yes, certain ones will exclude prior Yervoy/IPI. But there are going to be trials that allow prior IPI. You have to read the fine print. There will be very few slots as well for all PD1 trials, so if you spot one, get on the list!



    Thank you for that information.




    Our standard prior IPI experience with Merk, BMS and Amplimune PD1 was a 12 week exclusion period after the last IPI dose and with evidence of progression, including mixed responses. In other words IPI did not work for you.

    Rachel was accepted and 1 week away from a special BMS trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) where IPI and BMS PD1 were combined. There were two sections to that trial. The first gave the PD1 along with the IPI treatment (no prior IPI allowed, period). The second (which Rachel was going to be in) specified a prior IPI “window” of 4-12 weeks from the last IPI infusion before first PD1 infusion. I believe this second version would have allowed the IPI to be a reinduction.

    Check with MSK to see if they may have more slots.

    Rachel was excluded because a last minute scan showed a 5mm brain met. The radiation treatment and mandatory 30-60 day post-radiation waiting period put her outside the 4-12 week “window for that second trial.

    We also need to work on the FEDS, and therefore the drug companies, to relax the no brain met requirement since the imunotherapies are also effective for brain mets.

    Hope this helps:




    Thank you for generously sharing this information. I’m hoping something will work out.

    Also, I saw on the he caregiver post that your wife recently died. I am SO sorry. In reading your posts it sounded like she was busy living her life up until very close to that time. I don’t know if that made it harder or easier. Please take care of yourself.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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