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    So, here is what I guess is the final suggestion for Amy based on everything they know. Dr. Ribas feels that since Amy progressed on the BRAF/MEK, then he feels the best trial for her would be the AKT inhibitor combined with BRAF inhibitor Dabrafenib. The AKT inhibitor trial is GSK795. I’ve only emailed with Ribas and have little information. He previously suggested PLX3397 but he did not know she had progressed on the BRAF/MEK trial until yesterday. I don’t know if he is making this suggestion because he truly thinks the AKT trial is better, or if he thinks we need to move fast because the cancer is growing in Amy’s spine (and pain is starting again) and the PLX3397 won’t have any openings until at least Feb. 19th.

    Can anybody tell me if they know anything about this AKT inhibitor? Is anyone else on the board on a similar trial? Side effects? Anything? She was previously on Zelboraf. What is the difference between Zelboraf and Dabrafenib?

    We have to make a decision fairly quickly. We either go with this trial or chance it and wait for the PLX3397. He did say he would leave the one at UC Irvine as a last option.


    Hi Sylvia,

    Did you & Amy make a final decision on Amy’s next treatment?

    Whatever you decided, I am wishing a “complete response”.

    Be Well,


    Catherine Poole

    did you ask about the PDL trials? There were some at UCLA. I don’t know much about the AKT inhibitor will see what I can find out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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