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    Well unfortunately Options for gamma knife where ruled out very early. Edytas second scan showed numerous brain mets that are disseminating. We got very very close to beginning WBRT last Monday but due to her very rapid decline a choice was made to begin again on Zelboraf after an 8 day break ( this firstly due to a planned fibroid Op and secondly in preparation for radiation treatment). Several Docters since then have concluded in the circumstances that palliative treatment is the only option..

    We are not giving up….in the last two days Edyta has shown remarkable improvement, once again. She is due for monthly check up and blood tests in the morning and WBRT looks like it could still be an option, at this stage it’s our only choice to try and stabilise her brain.

    The only option is to continue Zelboraf during this treatment, does anyone have experience doing both?


    Catherine Poole


    I’m sorry to hear of the complications you are both facing. I believe some doctors take their patients off zelboraf during radiation and then I’ve heard of others trying Yervoy during radiation. It seems to be based on the doc’s knowledge and leanings. I hope things go ok for you both and we’re certainly thinking of you here. let us know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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