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    Hi everyone,

    Just in need of some advice, was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma September 2017, the primary tumor was removed by amputating my whole big toe and 2 sentinel lymph nodes were removed which both contained mets. I chose not to get the other lymp nodes removed. PET & CT scans at the time did not show anything. Only offer for treatment was an experimental trial which I chose not to do due to the drug toxicities. Brain MRI a few months ago was clear. Current chest and abdo CT scans show only some small hepatic haemangioma on the liver and several small nodules in the lungs which the report says may or may not be mets. Current blood tests all come back OK.

    Before the melanoma I hadn’t had even a cold for over 4 years, but since the melanoma my health has been declining and have had severe pneumonia, pleurisy, colitis, so it seems as if something is suppressing the immune system.

    Had uncomfortable breathing with a mild cough for a few months.

    Main problem now has been the gradually increasing fatigue, where I’m now pretty much housebound with very limited activities as the last few times I went out I quickly ran out of energy and struggled to walk, stand or sit or have a conversation.

    My doctors opinion is that the most likely explanation is that the issues are related to the melanoma, as there’s no other explanation. I can’t get in to see an oncologist unless I get more scans done as well as a PET scan, which I’d rather not get as I’ve already had a lot of scans in the last 12 months and am concerned about getting more radiation from additional scans.

    So just wondering if symptoms like these that are getting progressively worse (low immune system, breathing issues, exhaustion) are likely or commonly to be caused by melanoma even though CT and blood tests don’t show anything major?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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