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    Catherine, I strongly disagree with your post. Well, I agree that the FDA proposed regulations may not do much to keep kids out of tanning beds but … the indoor tanning lobbyists do NOT always win out. Just look at California, Vermont, and Oregon, plus Illinois, Nevada, and Texas are awaiting their governors’ signatures to have a full under 18 tanning bed ban! Other states have passed weaker bills, but not because the lobbyists won out … the lobbyists don’t want any restrictions. The tanning industry is a $5million business according to Forbes, not $8million. Their lobbyists are not that strong and are actually becoming their own worst enemy. And we have a grass roots effort already with AIM at Melanoma and the American Cancer Society leading us. So obviously I do not share the same pessimism as you do regarding the future of state teen tan bans, but instead I’m celebrating all the recent successes in our state legislatures.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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