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    My mother just got a clinic report, she got this, she’s 43 years old.

    Breslow : 4mm

    Ulceration : Yes

    Mitotic rate : 2/mm2

    Microsatellite : No

    TIL : No

    Clark Level : III

    It’s lesion is located behind the external ear, it is considered like extremities ? (factor of good prognosis afaik)

    She will get a operation next week, there is a node, the doctors will see if this node is a canceral cellul.

    As I read, the mitotic rate is low for a deep and ulcerated tumor, it is good ?

    I’m scared, I think this prognosis is bad, I read that a prognosis like it is in IIb, and if the node is positive => IIIb :(

    Catherine Poole

    The prognosis for a deep lesion behind the ear (head and neck) is risky. So it is important she get good up-to-date care. Where is she getting her sentinel node biopsy done? We are here to support you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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