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    Today I went for my next 3-month checkup after receiving TIL in October 2011. Still no signs of tumors whatsoever on my CT and my bloodworks are completely normal. I was the third patient ever to undergo TIL at the NKI in Amsterdam and the first to reach NED.

    Following me meanwhile 2 more patients got a TIL at NKI. One of them is showing no progression of disease and his remaining tumors were removed. The fifth patient is also NED, even faster than me: within only one month!

    After 5 patients this brings the result to:

    – 2 patients NED

    – 1 patient no progression

    – 2 patients no/not sufficient effect

    Based on these results NKI wants to open a larger study on TIL and at the moment is searching for the funding. For the next 6 months three more patients are allready scheduled.

    Furthermore NKI expect to be able opening an Anti-PD1trial within the next 6 months.




    Good to hear and congratulation this is great news!!!!

    Great about another pilot! this is promising for a small number of patients who can enter a TIL trial,

    I was talking to dutch advocates and I am actually quite concerned about the situation in the Netherlands with regards to the EMA approved drugs Yervoy and Zelboraf. I have heard the situation of obtaining Yervoy is not resolved yet, I heard that the reimbursement has been approved but that the drug is not being prescribed yet,

    Could you update us on that if you hear anything from your end as to what is causing the delay? Also if you hear anything about zelboraf? It would be good to know what are the options dutch patients have,



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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