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    August of 07 after 6 months of treating a (staff infection) Brent was told he had stage III C melanoma under his toenail and it was amputated as well as a groin disection (positive). Moffit and Shands were consulted and we were told to get his affairs in order. Interferon was offered and rejected in lieu of Leukine adjuvant for a year at Ohio State James Cancer Center. In May of 09 he went stage IV with mets to his lungs. He started a IPPI Carbo/Taxol trial and November of 09 was removed due to growth after 10 months . January 2010 he did 4 days of Bio Chemo at Moffit and spent 6 days in ICU due to allergic reaction. We really thought that was the end. Then I met a wonderful women on this board who’s daughter (19) was in a GSK MEK trial at MD Anderson and Brent was admitted in that solid tumor trial. He was on GSK MEK from March 2010 to April 2011. In April 2011 his tumors started growing and it was decided to keep him on the GSK MEK and add a chemo agent (Premexetred) or known as Alimta. So from March 2011 through to today almost 29 months he is still stable in his lungs. There was a tumor in his liver 5 months back that was ablated at the Mayo Clinic in Rodchester. It been five years this month.

    I hope this gives the hope for those reading to keep on fighting. Keep looking ahead. I know we are, and Brent is living proof that the doctors just don’t know everything. I give a big thanks to all that are part of this board and those who have provided us with hope and faith.

    Sharon and Brent

    Catherine Poole

    You absolutely give us hope and can I just say that Sharon is one of the toughest advocates I’ve ever met, no stone goes unturned for her husband! And Brent is certainly a trooper through all of this as well. Thanks for sharing!


    Bravo, Sharon! So happy to hear Brent’s wonderful news.

    I’m sure it’s been a long road. Awesome he kept on fighting and never

    gave up. He”s an inspiration to all melanoma patients.



    You have amazing story of hope and strength and perserverance. Thanks for uplifting us today. I hope you and Brett are blessed with continued success in the fight against melanoma.


    It doesn’t sound like you’ve had an easy time but how encouraging!!! All the best for all of you and hopefully we’ll have more stories like yours in the future!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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