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    If you are on a Merck PD1 trial and had to do a 28-day washout from another drug (in my case, Zelboraf), did you have to wait to have your scans until the 28 days were up, or were you able to have the scans the week before and then actually begin the trial on day 29 or 30?

    It looks like I’ll be on the Phase 2 trial (with the chemo arm, urggh), provided of course my brain MRI is clean, and I’m trying to see how fast I can actually start whichever drug I get. My onc has me scheduled for scans on day 29, but she’s asking Merck if the scans can be done the week before, so I thought I’d ask you’all here.

    Thankfully, she prescribed Ativan, as I am a real mess with the waiting.




    Karen –

    I am in the Merck phase 1 trial at Sloan. I had my last ipi dose Nov 27th. Had scans Dec 18th that showed growth. Met with trial doctor Jan 8th. They tried to get me in tx right away but had to do biopsy. They would have used the Dec 18th scans but since the biopsy got pushed out they had to re-do scans. Had scans Jan 16th (which actually started to show shrinkage) but still got to start trial Jan 21st.

    I felt they were more concerned about having scans within a certain time period than the wash out period…

    But so glad to hear things are still moving forward! I keep trying to see Dr W as part of the trial but they started me on Mondays and he was seeing patients on Thursdays.

    Best of luck!



    Thanks, Erin.

    I knew that we have to have tumor tissue available for biopsy…was it required as part of the trial? I have no worries in that department, lol.



    Yep, it was required by the trial! Mine was tricky because it was a lymph node near the small intestine. They did a ct guided biopsy. Gave me the twilight type drugs so I was awake but out of it lol! The doctor wasn’t even sure he could get it :/ but they made it happen!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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