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    Catherine Poole

    A researcher at the MRA conference again confirmed that a full node dissection is most likely overkill. Often she feels that the melanoma cells have already escaped. Quality of life is a huge concern with a full node dissection whereas some folks may have to live a very limited life due to lymphedema and mobility issues. So it appears to me that adjuvant therapy may play a bigger role. We now have the PD1 drug opdivo and soon will have Keytruda approved for stage 3A and up. That may create a bigger quality of life issue deciding who should watch and wait and others who may experience serious side effects


    This is great. It does make me wonder- i did choose to get a CLND 4 years ago ( even though Dr Coit was very comfortable with me not getting one.). I do get very nervous abou not having done any extra therapy – Is it a question I should ask after i have my daughter in January- if I need anything, or since it is several years removed- it is not necessary unless (hopefully not) something would arise. I often wonder this when I see new things approved for 3A.

    I hope this makes sense! Thanks!

    Catherine Poole

    The theory behind CLND is that it will take out any stray melanoma cells. But this doesn’t bear out. It instead causes quality of life issues without extra benefit. Hope your pregnancy is going smoothly! Please stay in touch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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