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    I know 4 people who have and continue to get melanoma, including my mom. Now let me start by saying none of my recent problems have been melanoma. So that’s the positive. But I’ve had 4 spots cut off in the past 2 months – 2 moderate, 1 severe, and 1 more moderate tomorrow. Laying on the table yesterday to get spot #3 cut off, I saw more concerning moles. The doctor did 3 more biopsies while there for a surgery. I go tomorrow for surgery #4. So far, everything sent (the 4 initial biopsies) has been moderate or severe, so I have every reason to believe I have 3 more surgeries coming for the 3 new biopsies.

    And the way it went was like this … Visit #1 was a routine skin check two months ago – they found 2 moderates and I forced them to take off what ended up being a severe when they said it looked totally normal. During a surgery, I found a spot on my stomach and insisted they biopsy it. It was moderate. Then while in for a surgery Monday, I saw 2 spots and they doctor saw 1 more. So we’re waiting on those 3 biopsies. I go tomorrow for another surgery (the 4th one).

    The doctor began getting a little huffy this week during the 3 new biopsies. But my comment back was, “You missed 2 moles and told me they were ok when I pointed them out. One ended up being moderate and one severe, only removed when I forced the issue. So when you start removing moles that I tell you to remove and they end up NOT being bad, then we’ll talk.”

    I know I’m posting in a melanoma forum. And these aren’t melanoma. But with my mom having had melanoma, I know having 4 bad spots, maybe 7, all at one time (as well as one severe one 2 years ago), isn’t looking good. This is depressing.

    I will say I don’t lose sleep over it any more, although I do worry. But there’s nothing I can do but keep going and getting cut on. I have to wonder how accurate these path reports are.


    Is path being done by a dermpath that specializes? Why do you think the path reports are “bad?”


    I’m sorry you are getting cut on so often. That isn’t fun! :(

    Why are you having moderates excised? Most Dr’s don’t do a larger excision for a moderate unless it wasn’t fully removed during initial biopsy. A severe I can understand, but a moderate? It sounds like your body makes ‘funny’ moles.


    Hi Shawn, I’ve had melanoma once. Stage 1 A in June 2012. The mole that had grown suddenly and turned black/brown/purple and itched was on my upper back. Superficial spreading, radial growth phase, breslow .55, clark II. No ulceration, no mitotic activity.

    Of course I had a wide excision. We are all different, but my doc told me to watch for dramatic changes in my moles. He said, most if not all of my moles would test atypical or dysplastic.

    Not wanting to have a bunch of unnecessary procedures, I listened to him.

    For me it was good advice. I’m NED. (no evidence of disease).

    Best of luck and try to stop worrying so much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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