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    Those who follow the Stage 4 Forum may recall my posting starting about 6 months ago about a strange and debilitating handful of symptoms that I was looking for guidance on relieving. I thought they might have been an indication of a hitherto unknown immune response to Nivo or Ipi and Nivo, both of which therapies I had had. I had a good number of relatively serious immune responses before, so it would not have been a surprise if this was another. It consisted of problems with balance, pressure in the head, walking any distance beyond a block or so (not around just one side), and stairs had become just about impossible.

    The good news is, despite the fact that a number of specialists including my esteemed oncologist, who, in fact, has co authored an important article on side effects of immunotherapy could not figure out what the problem was or what was causing it, and it was most discouraging, not letting it go at that has led to a very different, hopeful, and even pleasant place in my life. I decided that I had run out of useful specialists to see. So I would have to solve the problem, if it was going to be solved, myself.

    I was most fortunate as I analyzed the data I had on my body from myriad tests through my almost 6 years of cancer treatment that the CBC tests had indicated an irregularity that had been consistent through the testing of both my PCP and my oncologist. I can sum it up simply and summarily as low red blood cell indicators that spelled anemia. The medical assumption was that my current cancer or previous one 10 years before had caused the disorder and that there was nothing to be done about, I guess.

    I never remembered having an iron test from any doctor before. As it turned out one had never been done. So my PCP ordered one at my request. The level proved to be 1/3 of the low normal on the lab charts, and I began to take what ended up being 195 mg.of elemental iron daily. About the same time, I somewhat reluctantly because I felt so weak, began an in-home physical therapy program with a therapist twice a week. I also, since I had felt some of the problems had followed on a couple of severe sinus infections during the late summer, set up a program of nasal spray and neti pot sessions along with multiple humidifiers which are needed in my home to bring the winter humidity up to close to liveable levels.

    I’m betting that the good news, which, by the bye, is my coming back to near normal in every way, is mainly the result of the iron deficiency being corrected, but I would not sell the PT or sinus treatment short either. It’s pleasant not only feeling so much better but having people tell me how well I look. I did not enjoy that when I was feeling like s**t. But now it coincides with my views of things and the reality that I really am doing and feeling well.

    Moral of the story. One that many of you already practice. Not only question everything but do your own research. It is, after all, we who are most interested in our condition (our loved ones, of course, too). And in some ways, despite our lack of professional education and training, we are probably more familiar with the data on our bodies, or at least can be. This is not the first time I have discovered something that for some reason or the other the doctor missed and has been critical to my progress. I’m not upset at my docs. I’m just glad that our “team” seems to have won the current contest.


    Catherine Poole

    Great advice and well spoken!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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