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    I went to onc on Tuesday (4 days ago ). My MRI results were good . The 2 larger brain mets that were both 2.2 cm have shrunk. 1 is 1.3cm and 1 is 1.5 cm. doc said by volume they are almost 50%smaller. The 8 small ones didn’t show any change but doc said that could just be because they are so small. I have started back on Zelboraf. Although I don’t like living the vampire life (hiding from the sun), I do not want to take any chances of getting another severe sunburn. I have scars from the last one I got! I am feeling much more like myself and less like the crazy person that I was when I got done with radiation. I also had steroid induced psychosis that kept me from sleeping for a week. I was not mentally well then. I am on a steroid ween now. I’m down to 2mg every other day. Can’t wait to be done because I have a lot of side effects from them( moon face, stomach problems, weakness, insomnia) . I won’t have another scan for about 6-8 weeks unless things seem to get worse. So I’m just hanging out for now. Trying to find the good things in every day. That’s not hard with my beautiful 6 yr old daughter here. I mentioned in previous post that she had a heart transplant in may. She’s so healthy now!! Hard for old Mom to keep up but Im gonna keep trying :).

    Catherine Poole


    You have a terrific outlook and we are certainly here to support you. I can’t imagine the difficulties you have faced with your daughter’s situation and now yours as well. Take good care and make sure your husband is taking good care of himself too!


    Hi Angie,

    I’m glad to her you had good news from your MRI.

    I’m sure you went through hell and back with your daughter, and i’m really thrilled to read that her transplant was successful.

    I imagine that living in vampire-land isn’t easy, but it’s great that you’re BRAF+.

    All the best,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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