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    I was at the University of Michigan yesterday all day for radiation of my two brain mets first confirmed two months ago. U. of M. has a Linac based system so I had the fun of spending 9 hours in a naied down helmet. Nothing was as bad, though, as imagined. The good news is that one of the two tumors has not grown at all in the two months and the other seems to have become inflamed rather than grown, which the radiation oncologist has seen previously with people like me in the midst of their ipi treatment so thinks it can be attributed to that, so also good news. And, no new mets. I’ll get my next PET scan sometime after my fourth ipi infusion January 2. Only symptom so far has been the fatigue, which comes and goes.

    Catherine Poole

    Frank: That is good news! And your great spirit is commendable. Hope your swimming program is still going strong too. Thanks for letting us know and sharing your news.


    Nothing like a bit of good news (especially no new mets) for the holidays Frank.

    How far into the IPI therapy are you?



    3rd infusion Wednesday.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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