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    I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday. I am thankful for all the research and breakthroughs that have come on like gangbusters. Hopefully someday soon melanoma will be nothing more than a chronic condition kept in check by a medication.

    Catherine Poole

    Thanks Linny. We’ve hit on this in a few other posts. But I’m thankful for all of you here and the wonderful support you provide for each other. There’s rarely a negative word here and that’s so important. I agree, hurry up with these new therapies, let’s keep the momentum and options coming!

    Shirley Z

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is enjoying family and that the true meaning of the season will not be forgotten among the kaos.

    For many of us here the holidays can be difficult facing uncertainty and difficult choices. Doing a kind deed for a neighbor, friend or family can mean so much. Its the gifts from the heart that are never forgotten.

    Praying for all of those facing challenges on the forum and Thankful to Catherine for providing a place for us to share stories and support.

    Shirley Z


    Yes Thank You Catherine- you have given us a place to all come together and give each other strength, advice, and courage.

    So happy I found you all here!


    United we stand, divided we fall- same in a country as it is in a disease such as melanoma- together we can beat this monster :P


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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