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    I’ll be one year Melanoma free as of November 15th. I went to the doctor today because i’m having signs of sinus infection and am about to leave for vacation so I wanted to beat it before the onset. Well i mentioned that the last 4 or 5 nights Ive been having short headaches in the same area that last about 15 min- 30 min long and usually go away by itself…well he started asking more and more questions like to rule out anything other than sinus infection if you know what I mean… I told him that they lead to pressure in my ears and behind eyes etc… but my question is … what are signs that should be looked for on headaches possibly related to melanoma?

    Catherine Poole

    Sinus headaches are common and it is from pressure building. Brain metastasis from melanoma would have much more severe symtoms. Try not to worry and have a great vacation!


    like what kind of more severe symptoms? i’ve been having headaches recently and of course I immediately think the worst. . i’m not one that has historically had headaches, and these are pretty bad. . usually behind my right eye area. . pretty sharp pain. . triggered by activity sometimes. . usually don’t last too long, but starting to last longer. . I had an MRI last year in August and it was clear


    Any chance it might be seasonal allergies ? I get some bad headaches this time of the year with all the crap in the air.My little cure is to ride on down to the Gulf State Pier in Gulf Shores Alabama ( I only live 30 minutes away ) and that sea air clears my head right up. I do spray on the heavy duty sunblock, long sleeves SPF clothes etc. Didn’t go fishing last year with the surgery and all last April, but everything has been good so far w/ the skin checks so…… if I could just get the fish on my hook, I’d really be doing good. Have a good weekend and don’t forget the hat and sunglasses ! :D


    I went through a similar situation last year. I never get headaches and I started getting exertion headaches. I went to PCP and she basically said – you need an MRI because you might have melanoma in your brain! 😯 Of course melanoma is always in the back of my mind, but I had an in situ so that I didn’t even go there (seemed highly unlikely). Anyway – I had an MRI and it was fine. The headaches eventually went away on their own!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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