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    Catherine Poole

    From November 15th to February 15, 2015 you can apply and enroll: http://www.HealthCare.gov

    No it isn’t popular with some, but it is here to stay with an eventual 25 million enrolled.


    Definitely not popular but I have found that the people against it already have Insurance. I worked as a nurse and saw sub standard care given to non insured patients. The changes to their care were very subtle and the average person might not notice these changes.The first order of business was how to get these people out of the hospital as fast as they could. BTW we were already paying for their care by higher medical costs. I know there are kinks to work out but imagine being a Cancer patient with no Insurance. I can’t and feel very fortunate to not have financial worries on top of Melanoma. The phrase “Walk a Mile in my shoes” fits perfect here. The hospital I worked for was a non profit but has changed since to a for profit hospital.

    Mary Sue

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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