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    Really great news Sylvia. Seeing Amy on the mend and in less pain has to feel fantastic (for Amy too!!).

    Frank, yes tumors can occur there. Rachel had one deep in her right buttock, between the fat and muscle layer.

    My best guys.



    Jeff, Sounds like mine is just about where Rachel’s was. That’s helpful. Catherine, as far as knowing right away, I don’t think that’s all that important. I’ll be scanned in six weeks and at that point, since it is the only suspected met in my body and not located where it should cause any problems, it may provide some monitoring value for the ipi treatments that ended January 2. If it’s been growing, it will probably be excised or radiated then. I was also heartened by Jeff Wolchok’s talk about the harbinger of good news that itching may be. Still have it more than five weeks after my last infusion. Rash, too. Whoever thought I would love itching and rashes??

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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