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    hi im 22 years old about two months ago i was diagnosed with melanoma… now im not on stage exactly…. they said it was starting very very early melanoma… but still melanoma..

    so i had it removed and i go for regular checks.. i have had 4 other moles removed that have come back atypical.. two of witch more has been taken out….

    im terribly scared i read about people who have gone from stage 1 to stage 4 after having it removed and having check ups and everyone said they were fine to having brain and lung cancer…. will this be me.. i know you cant answer that but im terribly afraid

    Catherine Poole


    Take a deep breath. The rare cases where folks with low risk lesions such as yourself then progress with disease happen because the pathology report was mistaken most likely. You might feel better if you sent your slides to an expert for another opinion? We often recommend a top institution for that, such as UPENN, Hopkins, Mass General, etc.

    Your life has been threatened and your mind and body are reacting. Time to normalize those feelings with lots of “its ok to feel this way” and then try to move on with enjoying life! Mindful meditation is very helpful and you might check out some of Cohanja’s posts about that or look up Jon Kabat-Zinn who pioneered this method of dealing with stress. I hope you will find this advice helpful.


    Thank you I did… I had the shave biopsy and then for precaution I had a WLE and it came back okay

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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