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    Catherine Poole

    Thanks Catherine. Being from Canada I found that article particularly interesting. I don’t know what the norm is for wait times.

    Looking at my own wait times, the melanoma was immediately excised in the doctor’s surgery on June 1st. I had shown it to him a month earlier but he hadn’t been concerned. (Critical time lost). I then waited exactly 2 months for the first surgery on 27th July, this wait time included the biopsy results and all the pre-op tests etc.

    In retrospect what seemed a long wait for me was another month to discover the cancer was in a lymph node and then waiting 10 weeks for the surgery to take away surrounding lymph nodes. I also had to change surgeons. Even then I pushed to get the surgery earlier for my own peace of mind, having been told a few months makes little difference at that stage. I found myself on an orthopaedic ward and that was fine and was grateful they found no cancer cells.

    Attitudes seem so different. My own doctor was very clear this is “serious, very serious” and gave me reading material which was very useful. The first oncologist had a laid back approach saying everything was preventative, there was no need to be anxious, he was not expecting any problems. The second oncologist was very direct and was the first to talk about chemo, lack of effective treatments and trials.

    Looking back, my own perceptions may have influenced what I was able to take in. Also, because of the laid back approach of the first oncologist, I had a great summer which I believe has helped me with this next stage. More in my next………

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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