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    As the poster of the “5 years since in situ diagnosis” post right before this flurry of posts on whether or not my (and other in situ folks’) concerns and fears are valid, I would like to reiterate the mental side of this diagnosis. Logically I get that I am lucky. Very lucky. But, psychologically I was messed up for a long time. Still am – and this forum was what got me through a very dark part of my life. I don’t talk about my diagnosis to many people in my life besides my husband and I always felt very safe expressing my feelings, fears, triumphs, etc. here I would welcome a separate section for in situ if others are upset about me and others “rubbing in” our positive news when others do not have it so good. However, I have to say that I am saddened that this forum, which I have gone to so many times, has individuals who would think I am boasting or bragging – that I need to just go out and live my life and forget about the C word. I have come to this forum so many times to simply read others stories – in ALL the categories. I wanted to acknowledge everyone’s journey with this disease.

    A support forum should support, not criticize.


    Maybe the other forum for stage 1 & 2 could be modified a lil to include insitu patients in the description. Ericalynn is 100% right no one should be criticized on support forums, so like I said being that their are 2 separate forums for stage 1 & 2 and newly diagnosed 1&2 simply modify the description and get this newly diagnosed forum back on track to helping all the new patients with their questions and concerns. Make sense ?

    Catherine Poole

    ErikaLyn, Just want to make sure you read my post where I said that we do understand how scary a diagnosis is no matter the depth of the lesion. There has been a little criticism here and there but we draw the line at a certain point and will moderate. All of you have had your life threatened, your body and mind are processing that. Once things normalize, you realize you will be fine and you move on with your life. For some, it takes a while.

    I will think about whether to combine Insitu with I and II diagnosis. It is already there, really.



    I agree with you 100%!



    I felt compelled to register on this site and contribute my opinion regarding in-situ celebratory stories. I have been “lurking” on this wonderful site since being diagnosed with in-situ this past February and once again in March. Learning that I had an early stage of skin cancer was utterly shocking to me. I heard nothing other than the word “melanoma” when my dermatologist called with the biopsy results. Regardless of the stage, hearing that I had melanoma was utterly devasting and confusing. I will never forget how I felt when I got that call. I have two nice scars, especially the one on my arm, that speak to me daily about the fragility of life. I am grateful that my melanoma was caught early, and I look forward to a clean bill of health at my next 3 month follow up in September. For me, every three months that pass without any new melanomas is a reason to celebrate. I applaud all of you folks with a history of in-situ who have no evidence of disease. Celebrate it and be proud!! Thank you.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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