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    Hi all, I’m not Stage III, I’m Stage 1B, but nervous about just getting the surgery and SLNB (margins clear, biopsy negative) and that’s it. Still can’t believe chemo and radiation aren’t sucessful for Melanoma. So scary. So I’ve decided to focus on building up my immune system. Was hoping to get Shirley Z’s thoughts on this since I’ve seen her mention this before. This is my regimen so far:

    500 mg purified fish oil capsules (which I’ve heard aren’t good anymore, thinking of switching to flax seed oil!)

    2 Turkey tail mushroom capsules

    1 multi vitamin

    Trying to eat as much cruciferous veggies as I can and trying to establish a exercise regimen. Any more suggestions/advice?

    Thanks so much, you all are an inspiration and a comfort all the time. :D

    Catherine Poole

    Save your money on supplements except Vitamin D and multi vitamin and spend it on locally grown organic produce, eggs, and meat. Eat a very minimum of meat, vegetarians live longer! Drinking lowers your immune system too. Aerobic exercise is excellent. The more activity the better.


    One thing to consider: Broccoli sprouts that you sprout yourself from organic broccoli seeds. Of all plants, these have the highest concentration of sulforphane, a very potent “anti-cancer” chemical. Same as what’s found in all cruciferous vegetables, but in much higher quantities. Look into getting an Easy Sprout sprouter (about $12). Much easier than doing it in a jar.


    XC guy–thanks so much! I knew about the cruciferious benefits from the Anti Cancer book, so this is very valuable info for me. I’ll definitely look into it.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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