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    My husband was diagnosed with melanoma last October. Since he had2 surgeries: 1 to remove the tumor with a SNB-which discovered 1 node affected. Subsequently he has all remainder nodes removed-ALL NEGATIVE.

    ecision was to play the odds. He had 2 MRIs and blood tests following the surgeries, with ALL CLEAR results.

    HE had his first visit with a dermatologist and discovered new suspects close to the margins of his first surgery. Upon biopsy they turned out positive for melanoma. So from stage IIIa he is now IIIc and the current condition evaluated as in-transit mets.

    Today he is doing a new MRI. His oncologist suggested that because they see 5 new tiny little devils that the best course of action is an Infusion ( I think it is called ILI) to sterilize the leg followed by radiation.

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone that can share with us experience with the ILI procedure, side effects, recuperation, etc. Any and all info will be much appreciated.

    Also, if anyone has gone a similar route with different treatment options. ANYTHING at all would be so very appreciated. Thank you

    BTW we are located in Tucson, AZ

    Catherine Poole

    Do you mean IL2? Interleukin or proleukin? Are they trying to do a perfusion therapy on the leg? And are you at the Univ. of AZ cancer center? I think that is what you meant but please clarify. Perhaps getting on a PD1 trial or Yervoy may be helpful. They are both immunotherapies. Please tell us more.


    Hi CAtherine,

    THanks so much for your reply.

    Yes, we are at the Univ. of AZ cancer center.

    Dr. Hersh did not specify which treatment. He just said that he would like to sterilize the leg with this infusion, but did not say which or what.

    We are meeting tomorrow with Dr. Ong ( surgeon) that would perform the procedure.

    I will post again after we meet with Dr. Ong ( tomorrow and then on the 29th we meet again with Dr. Hersh. I cannot thank you enough.

    It all seems so very scary.


    Can you pls describe what the intransits looked like? I am always worried about recurrence due to the size of my mel, type, mitosis etc.

    That info helps us all to be vigilant.

    Thank you and thinking of you.


    When they removed the initial tumor did they do the WLE procedure?

    I also am curious what it looked like when it returned- my dermatologist scans me every 3 months and we are still removing moles but so far, so good- none have tested positive and he is removing everything suspicious but we are doing 2-3 at a time since I have not recovered well from the node dissection so 2 more visits should have all biopsies completed.

    Keep us posted.



    SO Harry had his infusion ILI chemo melphalan actinomycin D last Tuesday and came home Sunday.

    He had ZERO discomfort or pain, never needed any pain meds, and he is doing really well. Dr. Ong, at UAMC in TUcson who performed the procedure is very pleased with the way his leg looks & feels that the tumors ( looked like tiny dots about an inch away from the margins of the initial surgery showed signs of softening.

    So we are optimistic for good response.

    HE did suggest that we contemplate following up with radiation therapy as he believes that one needs to throw the kitchen sink at this desease. He mentioned that there is no data that supports that the radiation therapy increases positive results.

    Any and all input is highly valued. THANKS

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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