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    Since I’m the Frank of the topic, after reading the post just cited, thought I should add one more thing for those who don’t know this about me. Melanoma is my second definitively diagnosed cancer. Just a little over ten years ago, I received a diagnosis of Stage II invasive ductal male breast cancer. I received a lumpectomy with lymphandectomy (13), a 24 week course in CMF chemo, and radiation with a 5 year tamoxifen follow on. No recurrence. The breast cancer was left breast. My lymphendectomy on the right side when I was 15 in 1956 was on my right side. I can’t worry about lymphedema, don’t, and have never had a problem, thank God. My mother, 20 plus years after her bout with melanoma (don’t know the stage but it was deep) died of lymphoma for which she never pursued a biopsy. So I don’t know for certain how they were sure except appearances that it was lymphoma. She was 93 and felt she had lived long enough.


    They are studying the immune system and response to melanoma. I am a long term survivor (23 years – 8 years NED after stage IV) and my onco had asked for samples of my blood a few years ago. They were going to use it for this type of study at U Penn.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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