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    I wanted to thank you for having Jed Wolchok speak on the different therapies. It is very exciting to hear about the new strategies being used with melanoma now. I also liked what he said about having a lousy CT scan but feeling good. The same thing happened to my husband. After taking ipi, his CT was much worse and his oncologist didn’t even think it was worth trying anything else. I was fortunate to get him into a pd-1 trial for people who failed ipi. He has now had 4 anti pd-1treatments and is feeling much better. I’m not sure what the CT scan will say but after hearing that it can take a while to see results, I am not as worried anymore by what I see. I only know that my husband is in a lot less pain, more active and is finally putting on some weight. All good signs regardless of what the scans say. Thank you and we look forward to good things ahead.



    Hi Eve,

    My husband finished the first cycle of PD-1. Like you we had the normal anxiety when waiting for the results of the scans. I posted the good news a while ago. He has overall 61% shrinkage of tumors. He was an ipi failure but is responding to this trial. His side effects thus far were a slight rash that lasted for about 3 days. It happened after the second infusion. My husband is fortunate to be a patient of Jedd Wolchok and his team. Today’s webinar was informative and shed a positive light on treating this disease. Sending you good vibes and hope you too can report some good news!

    Catherine Poole

    I learned a lot today at the webinar, especially from asking your excellent questions! As you are pointing out, those who fail IPI won’t necessarily fail PD1 and vice versa, that was interesting to me! Also that as little as a rash from IPI can be a sign of response. Jedd is a great doctor and certainly excellent at explaining these complicated therapies. I’m definitely in his camp that combinations will be the future, and maybe not all at once, but in succession. He said that the IPI/Zelboraf combo proved too much with side effects so they stopped the trial. So careful mixing will yield interesting results in the future.

    The webinar is now up on the website for those of you who missed it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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