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    Catherine Poole

    Skin cancer patients resistant to leading therapy studied

    Created 02/24/2015 – 14:29

    •Research data published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation describe unique protein patterns than may predict patients most likely to BRAF inhibitors, Science Daily reported Thursday.

    •”There are patients whose DNA does not reveal how their melanomas became resistant to BRAF inhibitors,” said study author Lawrence Kwong, adding “so we looked at patterns of changes in 150 proteins which can give clues to the causes of resistance, even when DNA sequencing data is uninformative.”

    •In the study, Kwong and colleagues analysed resistance to BRAF inhibitors using a mouse model and human tumour biopsy samples, finding that such proteome profiling can quickly identify BRAF inhibitor resistance patterns in patients with melanoma at a cheaper cost than DNA or RNA sequencing.

    •The investigators also indicated that the RNA and protein data can be used to identify biomarkers that clarify how long patients with respond to BRAF inhibitors in an effort to guide combination or second-line treatment.

    •”These biomarkers include genes that track how fast the tumours are growing and how active the immune system is in the tumour,” remarked Kwong, continuing “this raises the possibility that pre-treatment biopsies can be used to guide decisions on targeted agents or immunotherapies that may be most effective for that individual patient.”


    interesting! thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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