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    Dear all,

    For those of you in Nevada or willing/ able to travel there, I just saw this study


    It will get you Ipilimumab at the higher concentration of 10mg- on publications before the approval for Ipi, this was the recommended dosis, that was before the 3mg that were in the study filed for approval of the drug- please search this forum, there has been a long discussion about 3 versus 10 mg Ipi before.

    Stereotactic radiotherapy allows to administer high doses of radiation to local spots, thereby harming the tumor but not (or much less) the surrounding tissue. Traditionally, Melanoma has been thought to be resistant to radiotherapy but that does not seem to hold true across the board (I personally wished we had made much more use of it as Peter’s tumors responded extremely well to it).

    There has been some discussion about synergistic effects of immuno and radiotherapy, so this study looks like a very good set-up.



    Dr Samlowski is my oncologist in las Vegas. He is a melanoma specialist and a great dr. He also works w a great Radiation oncologist Dr Meoz. Dr Samlowski is also working on getting Anti PD 1 trial going there also.

    Julie in Las Vegas


    I have recently heard about this trial and it’s being touted with a lot of positive excitement.

    I had the standard Yervoy treatment with RT in May 2011 and I have had stable disease so far. Let’s hope more centers initiate this trial as well :)


    Catherine Poole

    I think you have to be careful with the higher dosage, 10mg. Seems to me Pati had some feedback on that and the costs/benefits of that vs. the 3mg. I’ll check with her. But thanks for the heads up that there’s some action in Las Vegas besides what we usually think!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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