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    I know I am probably opening up a huge issue and that is the issue of changing one’s diet now that they are a melanoma patient‚Ķhospital has a great nutrition specialist who my husband will probably see but wondering what other patients would recommend in terms of foods with antioxidants or foods that might help with immune response to ipi. Understand that any supplements/vitamins should be reported to Dr who is giving ipi but my husband takes nothing at the moment and wondering if others have any suggestions or should he just continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet as he is doing now? So much conflicting info out there…

    Catherine Poole

    Our thoughts have always leaned towards: low meat, high in fresh fruits and vegetables and sticking to locally grown produce since that is the highest in vitamins and minerals (trucking from California etc, minimizes nutrition. Organic is better because you don’t want pesticides in your food. Supplements mainly 2000 I.U. of vitamin D and a multi vitamin should suffice. Good aerobic exercise and relaxation exercise such as yoga and meditation are good for the body and soul.

    Then the forum participants added: dark chocolate, pizza and beer..


    When my father received ipi we were adviced even to peel apples, tomato etc, and if he eats grapes or something similar, to rinse it for 30 minutes in water with a spoon of vinegar. This is of course to protect from infections and germs, butbI do not know is it really necessary as there are many other ways to catch something. Also, all medicines are hard for the liver, and we took dandelion root tea – I can’t tell for sure is it due to the tea, but soon after his liver results came back to normal and stayed normal ever since. He also drinks whey from time to time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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