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    hi all… wanted some feedback. (i know it’s not medical advice, just opinions). amy had her 2nd infusion of IPI about 11 days ago and today has been hit with terrible “icks” – nausea and just generally feeling awful. really, really bad. she has also been fighting a lot of bad fatigue.

    before starting IPI, she was put on a short dose of steroids which REALLY helped her. her energy and spirits sky rocketed. but, the doc took her off them before starting IPI cause he said steroids work against the immune system and IPI is boosting it so you don’t want to do steroids while taking IPI. but, i have read elsewhere about people taking both together. what are your thoughts about the combo? just a little confused. maybe our doc is just really cautious?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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