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    Hi friends,

    i would like to ask for an advice from you, now i have to take my first important decision, Today my PET/SCAN has revealed Progression on COMBO BRAF INH.(just 5 months ) then i have to go one step forwards.

    In this moment what i have available is Ipilimumab, because EAP of pembro is just after fail ipi.

    Other Option could be wait a little to see clinical trials i can do it, Im in Spain and nothing interesting is available at the moment.

    I have decided with my doc because just a new spot is in my lungs but other are still missing that we are going to continue with the braf inh, till i decide what to do next. I have low Tumor burden so far.

    I would really apreciate your advices


    Catherine Poole

    I would lean towards getting on IPI so you can get on Pembro soon. It is best when tumor burden is low. Also, IPI may give you a response in the meantime. The Braf therapies can be returned to at a later date with some success as well. I hope this helps you with this difficult decision.


    Thanks Catherine,

    probably that will be my path, but now im trying to find a clinical trial with pembro and ipi, otherwise i will go on ipi to se how it goes.



    Our doctor said that even if you take ipi (for example 2 doses) and then pemrbo, you still may observe some “overlap” effect as if you had taken them together. We’re still on the BRAF combo (next scan in 1 month) but are ready to take the ipi first, then pembro route as well – in Belgium. Let’s keep each other in the loop & success!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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