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    Hello , group

    I was just diagnosed with stage 1A melanoma. Dermatology md sending me to cancer center for farther eval, including one more evaluation of diagnosis and staging of my melanoma. Also, they hope to excise my melanoma after the shaved biopsy.

    I am scarred to death, I feel like I’ve heard a dead penalty over the phone a few days ago… My melanoma was large, 13 mm long.

    I would like to know if , it is indeed state 1A, how long do I have to live? Is it curable?

    Sobbing here.. thanks, everyone.


    Hi Nataliyc,

    If your melanoma is Stage 1A, there is no reason to be terrified … survival rate is usually quoted as around 95%. You will most likely grow old and eventually die of something else.

    It’s normal to be worried, though. Be careful not to read widely on the internet, as much of the information you will find is outdated or incorrect.

    I had a Stage 1A removed in 2010. Like you, they did a wider excision after the biopsy to make sure they got it all. I’ve had no further issues.

    We’re here to support you, so feel free to write of any concerns. Glad you found this forum.

    Best wishes,



    what are some good resources for me on net, reliable? and , am I in high risk for other cancers? Would melanoma mostly develop because of the sun exposure? Thank you.


    I too was diagnosed with Stage 1a 6 months ago.

    Stage 1a is a very exclusive club. We could help you better if you had your pathology results, but if it is indeed a stage 1a then as stated before your chances of living 10-20 years cancer free (from melanoma anyway) is roughly 95-97%.

    I know it is extremely scary.. but stage 1a is as good a prognosis as you can get with this cancer with the exception of in situ. Melanoma. Get your WLE surgery done, and then be vigilant (not obsessive) about keeping an eye on your skin and protecting it in the sun and never miss your derma appointments from here on out and youll be in good shape. It is by no means a death sentence.

    Oh, and stay off the internet! All you will hear is horror stories. The many people that had their melanoma removed in the past rarely post in the internet about how they have had no further issues with skin cancer.

    According to statistics you are at a slightly higher risk for other cancers.. I think prostate for men and lymphoma for both sexes. But its widely believed by doctors that is because those people are more vigilant and catch these cancers earlier.. not necessarily because the melanoma itself made them get the new cancer.

    And of course you are at a higher risk than the general population of getting another melanoma, but like I said if you are vigilant youll catch another one even earlier than this one. Even then less than 10% of melanoma patients ever get more than one primary lesion. My dermatologist said from his experience its like a 1/50 chance. So more like 2%. Take care.


    Gordknight –

    I have been reading these forums for a month and many hours. I have the same fears, that because I have countless atypical nevi (and some have come back severe) that I am bound to get melanoma. And more concerning is that it seems that everyone that had mel, even if caught at an early stage, it later returned more vigorously. It is great to hear your thoughts and statistics on people with Stage 1. I would love to hear others’ thoughts on this. My mom was recently diagnosed (and treated) for in situ, I am 35 with the great disposition for mel and want to see my perfect angels (2 and 5) grow to be old themselves.

    Catherine Poole

    This is a safe place to be on the internet. We have the HonCode designation which means all is scientifically validated information. This forum is moderated also to make sure there is no misinformation. Coping with this disease is often done best by living in the moment, through mindful meditation and taking good care of yourself with exercise and healthy diet. Worrying is a waste of time and better spent doing something you enjoy.

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