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    Steve, glad to hear the WLE has been done. I wish you the best as well going forward. It seems like you are ‘settling in’ with your diagnosis. I am glad that you found this site as well. It has helped me over the last 3+ years. The information is great, the support is fantastic and no one gets upset if you need to vent. I think we are all harder on ourselves than we need to be.

    Even with all the anxiety, you did all the right things – you got the mole checked; you “thanked” the nurse who pointed it out to you (and my guess is you made her day doing that); you fired your dermatologist; you armed yourself with knowledge (thank you Catherine) and you know to keep looking & getting checked.

    Let us know how you make out with the final results.



    Well the final pathology from the WLE came back with clear margins, and noted that no dermal invasion was observed, so I think it’s all good news. They did not perform a SLNB, and just told me to pay attention to my lymph nodes and come back in 3 months. I do have a post WLE question…the scar is about 4 inches long on my left forearm, and now I’m feeling ocasional pain in my left bicept and armpit, which of course convinces the worrier in me that cancer has spread there. In the aftermath of a surgery on the arm, might it be normal for the lymph nodes in the area to be a little sore/busy? I don’t want to be that guy now who runs into the hospital every time I feel a twitch in my armpit, but I admit I get concerned. Nothing is swelling up, just a little painful. What should my trigger be to get someone on the phone to make an appt?


    Lisa P

    Steve – I’m glad the margins were clear — that’s great news. I am of the mind that if you have a question (like the one about pain in your armpits, etc.) that you should call your doctor and ask. There’s no better way to put your mind at ease than that. If your doc isn’t one who takes an occassional phone call, I’d look at getting a second doctor who I can establish a relationship with. In the meantime, this site, of course, is also a tremendous resource and I hope you get answers to your questions and concerns so you can have a peaceful holiday. Take good care, Lisa


    Hi Steve,

    It’s absolutely normal (and almost expected) that “downstream” lymph nodes will react to surgery/injury/infection. All these events put debris into the lymph stream. Likely the pain you feel is related simply to the inflammation at the surgery site. It will likely subside in a few days. Odd little “nerve” pains at the surgery site are common also, even months after the fact.

    That being said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with asking your doctor about it if it continues to concern you. There’s nothing like the word of an actual doctor to convince you that everything’s OK.

    Best wishes,


    (.47mm Stage I removed, 2010)


    I’m almost a year and a half out from my WLE/SLNB and I still have weird sensations and pain. It worries me all the time, especially at the SLNB site. But the doctors are never concerned, think it’s normal, and also have said melanoma recurrence would usually not present itself as pain anyway.


    Hi Steve,

    I kind of know how you are feeling too. I was diagnosed with a stage 1a melanoma this past July. This site has been a God send, and like you, I learned so much about melanoma in such a short time. My mole was removed in June, wasn’t diagnosed as melanoma until

    July, and removed a month later in August. According to the oncologist, the amount of time that had elapsed was not detrimental.(although I thought it was). The next two months (Sept and Oct) were nothing but panic filled. I was so tense that my jaw would lock from the tension. It started to get better in November and even a bit better now in December. I have had a couple of body checks already and I am always looking to see if I notice anything new or different. As for the WLE, I still get tingling at the site, but I can deal with that, knowing that the worst was removed. Anyway, I wish you a speedy recovery and try to keep your mind in a positive state. I always tell myself that I was lucky to have gotten it so early.


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