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    I have been searching forums and dont really seem to have found anything similar to my story for guidance.

    Im currently under a breast surgeon for confirmed masses and my Ultrasound report showed an axillary lymph thay doubled in size over six months. It was that which prompted me to see this particula surgeon who saw me half naked and requested I go see a dermo asap !

    So I did. Three biopsies taken, two came back a malignant melanomas. One in neck.4 and one in toe .2

    All a little alarming esp with everything else going on but I understand early and all that Jazz. The thing is I dont know if the prescence of two – at the same time – different parts of the body should ring alarm bells ? I am 39 , not a sun worshiper but a family history of this.

    When my husband saw the oncologist with me he asked this question , and the dr seemed to act as if he suddenly remembered this may be cause for concern in view of my age and having two. ( I have to tell you I have a strong desire to go back to dermo and say ok go over everything again right now – esp as we biopsied three and it seemed to be a ” that will do for now ” type approac. But that is a different story.

    Anyhow, when my husband asked he said he’d order a pet scan – although the insurers may decline if they just look at the thickness of them on their own but he hoped theyd ‘ get it’

    I get very uncomfortable when a dr is wish washy – is there anyone else who had two at the same time . Anything else I should think about ?

    Just looking to chew it over with someone

    Many Thanks :D


    I’ve had three melanoma in situ so a little different. They were

    All present at same time. First biopsied alerted derm to be extra

    Careful so biopsied more finding others. My dad had melanoma

    But I think sun exposure and skin type is more important. At least

    That is what my derm told me. You inherit the skin not the melanoma.

    Hope all turns out well for you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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