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    Going along great- last PET in Sept all clear..holidays approaching(next PET not til after Christmas)… then Don developed numbness & tingling in his thumb & first finger…I’m thinking ok he has all these adhesions in his neck from neck disections & radiation & it is just getting tighter(starting new PT to address facial lymphedema & neck tightnes & discomfort) but then thought ummm better check in with oncologist( I am starting to get that niggling feeling oh no..mets to spine???) & so left a message on friday afternoon. Well monday I get a call from her & can you come in tomorrow? Not tomorrow how about next monday & lets get a brain MRI – which was Immediately scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving…aughhhhhhhh can he just have a break! I know they just need to rule out & I guess when(fingers crossed) scan is clear- will do MRI cervical spine next…it just never leaves us does it? I am so grateful for this time he has been given but this just really hit me anew how really ruthless melanoma is. OK thanks for letting me vent…it helps me to say it here & keep positive on the homefront. Karen

    Catherine Poole

    We’re here for you to vent! Let it all out as you are not alone. I might suggest for all here that we did a great webinar on coping with the holidays and illness that may be helpful:


    And I do hope all of you are able to enjoy some happy moments this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to have all of you coming here and sharing your wonderful posts.



    I hear ya, sister!!!! That stinks!!!! When you think you got a pass, Melanoma comes back at you with a curve ball.

    Best of luck on Friday—will be keeping fingers crossed that both MRI’s come out clear an you get reports on Friday with no waiting.

    Do your best to enjoy your Turkey Day.

    We are in South Dakota with my husband’s elderly parents and having tukey dinner at Assisted Living tomorrow but grateful that we are all together this year to celebrate our blessings.

    Like Catherine, I am grateful for all who have shared so much on this forum. Will be thinking of our comrades who will be observing their first Thanksgiving without a loved one.



    Vent away Karen. This caregiving work is HARD and this is a perfect place to let loose with those fustrations.

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.



    Thanks for your replies which always help calm my heart. Negative scan! Next step cervical spine MRI & if negative then neurologist to see which nerves are being impinged on. Don now has numbness in 3 fingers of the other hand. We will see. One more scan & we can breath.

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving also. Despite the worry we had a very happy day with family. Like Ann I thought a lot about those spending their first Thanksgiving without their loved one. Jeff, bless your heart – helping me when I know this was a difficult time for you. I will be watching the webinar Catherine posted. We are still finding our way a year & a half after Dad’s death.

    Finishing up with the Christmas decorations-our home looks like a Christmas explosion just went off- just need to finish putting the rest of the 2 thousand ornaments on the tree ha ha. Life it would seem continues to move forward worry or not. Thanks, Karen


    Glad to hear Don passed the first hurdle and will keep pulling for a successful cervical spine MRI. You continue to uplift me that you and Don keep on living your life with spirit when somedays it would be easy to not have so much spirit. And Jeff, I am with Karen on you. You are an amazingly generous man who continues to support many on this forum when you must be facing some tough times of your own.

    My husband went to dermatologist today and had five “things” taken off to be biopsied — derm thinks they are gifts of the Zelboraf and not anything to worry about. He has bloodwork and PET scan on Friday and we are hoping that Zelboraf is still doing the trick. He has had some tough times with side effects but for the last three weeks, nothing has happened to interfere in his life. We have been living large (even with The Old People at Assisted Living).

    Will keep my fingers crossed for Don! You are right. Life just keeps going on. And that’s a good thing!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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