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    I’m really kicking myself for getting the chest xray which led to the CT because of the suspicious spots. I found out the CT effective radiation dose I received was 23 mSv, which is pretty high. So, now I’ve exposed myself to another unnecessary risk that I didn’t need to just to find out nothing, that everything is still as-is, okay.


    Don’t worry about it! If you are…just eat more antioxidants esp greens, which are supposed to protect from radiation dangers/exposure. I suffer from kidney stones so I’ve had a few CT of abdomen and one CT of my brain.


    What’s done is done, so try to not worry about it anymore. I have been there and done that.

    ON a simliar note, I saw a genetic counselor because breast cancer is in my family. (Mother, great grandmother and now a 32 yr old second cousin). I was told that I should be tested for BRCA and if I am positive my chances are like 90% of getting it and then there was a whole list of OTHER cancers and I wish I didn’t even go and talk to this lady. I am doing my own exams and I see a OBGYN 1-2 times a year as well, so I think I could catch things early anyways. Even had a baseline mammogram, anyways, just goes to say, there has to be a stopping point somewhere. You can test, test, test and it makes you insane!!! :)

    Hope you are having a good day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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