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    (If this is completely inappropriate, please let me know and I’ll delete immediately. I thought some of you might get a kick out of it.)

    Last week, a FaceBook friend posted, “The sun feels so good on my face after all that cloudy weather!” Feeling silly, I commented, “Oh sure, it feels great now. The sun makes you feel so warm and glowing, all the time whispering, ‘Trust me baby, I won’t hurt you…take off that tshirt…don’t worry about protection.’ Even though you know you shouldn’t, it just feels so good to be with the sun and you don’t want to take the time to wear protection. But if you aren’t careful, next thing you know, you develop a solarly-transmitted disease.”


    I think it’s funny, but I am a wee bit sick and twisted… ;) :)


    I tend to use humor (sometimes twisted) to make points or alleviate stressed situations, so I like what you posted. It’s true – the sun does feel soooo good, but you need to protect your skin.


    Anything that draws attention to the ultimate outcome of sun worship is fine by me, humorous or otherwise.


    That is funny! :D

    The sun does feel good for a reason though..because it’s good for you! Don’t forget that. We all need a little sunshine everyday…WITHOUT sunblock (which are chemicals that also may cause cancer).


    Count me in as another person with a twisted sense of humor. Great answer! What was their response to your comment?


    Thanks Hoolie for the invention of the words”solar transmitted disease I love your humor. I only have to add to the sun:

    Dear Sun, I have loved your presence for many years, you made me feel good. I am not so sure I like your souvenir: a sun kissed melanoma on my ear on a solar elatosis. Very sorry to have abondoned your presence now- I am only allowing you for max 15 min on my armes and legs, but you will never touch my face or ears. I will enjoy your warmth – through my SPF clothing.

    I had to smile reading your comments you gave on facebook – very well done, and probably better then warnings.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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