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    Linda G

    My husband Vince has just been diagnosed with stage IV mucosal melanoma of the maxillary sinus. He is 57 years old and this all started with a nosebleed around Thanksgiving that wouldn’t stop. He had no other symptoms until January when he started feeling congested and the nose bleeds got worse and has had a few headaches and some sinus pressure. His PET scan revealed a metastatic lesion in the T6 area of the spine also. The sinus tumor has invaded the right maxillary antrum and nasal pathway,pterygoid plates, anterior wall of maxillary antrum,soft tissues of the cheek deep into the musculature of the face. Extension into the infratemporal fossa, posterior ethmoid air space, nasopharangeal area, destruction of the alveolar process of the maxilla and the right orbit. Much more on the CT scan. He is scheduled for endoscopic surgery to debulk the tumor on Friday Feb 21st as well as MRI of the brain and thoracic spine. We were told that the tumor was too advanced for the radical surgery that would be needed to possibly remove the entire tumor. He also had a 2nd biopsy today to test for BRAF, NRAS and C Kit mutations. We are scheduled to see a radiology oncologist tomorrow for scheduling radiation treatment of the sinus tumor and spine tumor and they want to start him on Yervoy next week while we are awaiting the results of the pathology. I am beside myself and overwhelmed with this information and don’t know what is right or which way to turn. What is best for him or where to go. He is being seen at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia which is a very good hospital but the rarity of this cancer has me concerned that this is not enough. There is a specialist at the University of Pennsylvania who has some experience with mucosal melanoma as well as Sloan Kettering in New York. I don’t know which way to go from here and don’t want to make a wrong decision for my husband. He still does not comprehend the magnitude of this diagnosis. Everything I read about this diagnosis is not good at all nor is the prognosis. Any advice or insights would be appreciated.

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