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    Dear team,

    My mother(49 years old) is diagnosed with Metastatic Malignant melonama.Could you pls tell me the the possible treatment options or any clinical trails is available.We are in INDIA.Actually the cancer is started at Rectum and it was spreaded into Bones d3,d8,d12 and right second rib focis. Kindly let me know for the possible treatment options or clinical trails.Thanks in advance

    Catherine Poole

    Israel would probably be the closest country to you that has new therapies for melanoma, please look under our web resources for global resource listing. Your mother’s melanoma is called mucosal melanoma and differs from cutaneous (on the skin) melanoma. She may qualify for the same trials, it is varying from trial to trial. She might try to get Yervoy (IPI) in India, not certain whether it works well or you have it available. Otherwise, if she comes the US she might spend a lot of money at some of the institutions. Might be best to call ahead. You should speak with a specialist in melanoma.


    Thanks for your reply and your suggestion.Yervoy is quite expensive and I do not have any medical insurence polacy for my mother and unable to buy Yervoy 😥 .Could you please tell me any other alternate options to get better treatment for my mother.Curiously looking for your valuable suggestions.Thanks in advance.Rgds Murthy 91-8939260461,cmurthy007@gmail.com

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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